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La belle Hélène opera buffa in three acts

Bibliographic Details
Main Author: Offenbach, Jacques (Author), Meilhac, Henri (Author), Halévy, Ludovic (Author)
Other Authors: MacGibbon, Ross (Other), Minkowski, Marc (Performer), Gabriel, Alain (Performer), Léger, Magali (Performer), Rouland, Sébastien (Performer), Lott, Felicity Dame (Performer), Beuron, Yann (Performer), Sénéchal, Michel (Performer), Naouri, Laurent (Performer), Le Roux, François (Performer), Todorovitch, Marie-Ange (Performer), Huchet, Eric (Performer)
Corporate Author: Musiciens du Louvre Choeur (Other), Les Musiciens du Louvre (Other)
Title Statement: Jacques Offenbach. Libretto: Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy. Driected by Ross MacGibbon
Type of Resource: DVD Video TwoDimensionalMovingImage Performed Music
Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
[s.l.] TDK Recording Media Europe 2001
Physical Description: 1 DVD-Video (PAL, Regio Code 2, 153 Min.); farb., Sound track: streo, digital 5.0, video aspect ratio 16:9, DVD-9; Beih.
Original Title: La belle Hélène
RVK Notation: LX 65120
  • Musikwissenschaft
    • III. Tonträger
      • Chronologischer Teil: Tonträger
        • 19. Jahrhundert
          • Einzelne Persönlichkeiten:
            • Persönlichkeiten O
              • Offenbach, Jacques