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Salaam Bombay

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Published in: Mira Nair DVD-Video 1
Other Authors: Nair, Mira (Other), Syed, Safiq (Other), Ourassi, Darfuddin (Other), Sharma, Chandra (Other), Taraporevela, Sooni (Other), Sissel, Sandi (Other), Subramaniam, L. (Other)
Title Statement: Darst.: Safiq Syed; Darfuddin Ourassi; [Chandra Sharma ...] Regie: Mira Nair. [Music by L. Subramaniam. Director of photography: Sandi Sissel. Screenplay by Sooni Taraporevela]
Type of Resource: DVD Video TwoDimensionalMovingImage
Language: German, Hindi
München Universum Film 2005
Physical Description: DVD-Video (Ländercode 2, 113 Min.); farb; 12 cm