APA Citation

Nair, M., Syed, S., Ourassi, D., Sharma, C., Taraporevela, S., Sissel, S., & Subramaniam, L. (2005). Salaam Bombay. Mira Nair.

ISBD Citation

"Salaam Bombay / Darst.: Safiq Syed; Darfuddin Ourassi; [Chandra Sharma ...] Regie: Mira Nair. [Music by L. Subramaniam. Director of photography: Sandi Sissel. Screenplay by Sooni Taraporevela]" Mira Nair .

MLA Citation

Nair, Mira, et al. "Salaam Bombay." Mira Nair 2005.

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