Summary: ICLI is an annual International Conference on Learning Innovation (ICLI) hosted byUniversitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and Indonesian Consortium for Learning Innovation Research (ICLIR) as well as Univerisiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Perlis, Malaysia serving as co-organizer this year. The conference aims to gather researchers, practitioners, students, experts, consultants, teachers and lecturers to share their insights and experiences on research not only in constructing innovations in learning but also the knowledge of learner’s capability. The learners who are characterized as creative and competent by having the ability to understand what they have learned and capable of taking initiative and thinking critically. In addition, ICLI is organized on the basis of the trend in the 21st century, categorized by the increasing complexity of technology and the emergence of a corporate restructuring movement. This book is the proceeding of ICLI 2021, containing a selection of articles presented at this conference as the output of the activity. Various topics around education are covered in this book and some literature studies around specific topics on learning and education are covered as well. This proceeding book will be beneficial to students, scholars, and practitioners who have a deep concern in education. It is also futuristic with a lot of practical insights for students, faculty, and practitioners, and also a description of the Indonesian educational system in today’s era.
ISBN: 9781003261346
Access: Open Access